Rent a friend in English or Spanish

Your digital friend

Your Digital Friend

Do you want to talk or just to be heard?, do you need an opinion or answers to questions without having to give your name or identify yourself?

Your digital friend will listen to you by video or audio conversation from any country in the world in Spanish, English, or Dutch.

You decide if you want to talk, just be heard, if you want an opinion, or if you want me to talk about a certain topic. You can choose the language of the meeting between Spanish, English, or Dutch.

Do not fear being judged you do not hire me to judge you, my service is to listen and give opinion if desired regardless if your concerns are worldly or existential. Sometimes a complete stranger may have a look at a problem or situation that you had not considered before, do not let shyness or loneliness win you over, dare to speak, to tell, or to ask.

You can contact me regardless of your age, sexual orientation, nationality, physical disability, sex, or skin color.


Terms of service

1 I do not speak about any topic that is illegal in your country of residence or in the Netherlands where I live.

2 I don’t talk about sex issues.

3 I do not speak about violence against animals, or any other form of violence (verbal,  psychological or physical violence).

4 That you are 18+

I guarantee absolute discretion. You choose the time, day and conditions of the digital meeting if by video or audio only. In both cases, after payment, you will receive 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time a link to enter a private chat room where you can choose whether to activate your camera or just your microphone. (You can also cover your camera with a black cloth), you only need your mobile phone, laptop, or computer with web cam with internet connection.

My working hours are from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm Dutch time. I accept cancellation as long as it is 2 hours before the scheduled time, I have no refund policy but if you cancel 2 hours before the scheduled time you can plan a new appointment at no extra cost.


€35 for a 60 minute video chat session

€25 for a 60 minute audio chat session

€15 for a 30 minute video or audio chat session

How to book with your digital friend.

Step 1 Make the payment with Paypal balance or credit card

Step 2 contact me by email indicating the day (and time in the Netherlands) you want to have the emailEmail de tu amigo digital of your digital friend digital session. Detail if you want the session only with audio or video. Remember the time difference to plan your appointment (I am in the time of the Netherlands. Look up the time difference with your country on the internet. Remember that I do not know in which country you live and therefore I do not know your local time do not program the appointment with the time of your country but with that of Holland. Check the Amsterdam time here

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