15 ways to reduce the possibility of infection by the Coronavirus

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1 Take off your shoes when you arrive from the street and do not walk around the house with them, as you may have accidentally stepped on someone’s saliva on the street.

2 Clean the soles of your shoes with chlorine water and a sponge every time you arrive home from the street. Do it

3 Wash your hands every time you arrive home.

4 Gargle every time you arrive home from the street with ginger tea or turmeric, to which you add half a small tablespoon of salt and the juice of half a lemon.

5 Drink at least two liters of tea throughout the day in the form of hot tea. Preferably green tea

6 Adopt an anti viral and anti inflammatory diet that includes, garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric, all raw in your daily meals, take flaxseed which has been soaked in ginger tea for at least 8 hours, make a smoothie with it, the flaxseed has an anti-inflammatory and restorative power for the lungs.

7 Avoid physical social contact like kissing on the face, shaking hands, and social gatherings.

8 When traveling on public transportation avoid touching surfaces and wash your hands as soon as possible.

9 Do not touch your face, nose, or mouth while on the street. Make this a habit.

8 If you live accompanied, monitor that everyone complies with the same plan since it would make little sense if only you and no the others in the house do it.

9 If you live alone or accompanied by the slightest symptom of throat discomfort, gargle with salt and lemon and a nasal cleaning with a ginger irrigator and a little salt and lemon.

10 Adopt a diet that contains lots of raw foods, vegetables, greens, fruits, legumes, seeds, sprouted grains. Avoid frying, processed foods, like soda, and canning to a minimum, eliminate or minimize sugar and salt  intake.

11 eat foods that contain lysine, use oregano oil to season your meals daily,

12 do not  control compulsively your body temperature, or think that because you have a fever you have contracted the virus, there are different strains of covid-19 and some are less severe than others and many other reasons to get fewer.

13 If you develop any of the symptoms such as very high fever, cough that does not stop, shortness of breath, first apply all the steps explained here, if it does not improve or worsens in 24/48 hours, consider taking the test but remember, traditional medicine only has treatment for  Sympts, which mainly consists of giving you paracetamol, which has been proven even in normal doses to be harmful for the health , it can produce sudden death, heart attack or stroke, increasing the risk of ulcer or stomach bleeding.

With the aggravating circumstance that the hospitalized person will not be able to put into practice the simple methods of natural medicine explained here, the decision is up to you, but it is better to decide consciously than not knowing the consequences of your decisions.

14 Apply these simple rules for children, adults, and seniors in your immediate environment.

15 Do not spit or throw disposable handkerchiefs with which you blew your nose on the street.

Remember that the best defense is within your own body and is called the immune system, find out how to boost your immune system with diet and daily habits, such as exercising at home such as Pilates or other similar disciplines.

Do not participate collectivein hysteria  constantly thinking about the same topic, that can affect your immune system and your mental and physical health.

If you have pets, do not take them out on the street, let them relieve themselves in the house and clean, they also deserve to be protected, they are living beings who feel the same as you and who, just like you, can get sick and deserve to be protected.

Last but not least remember that traditional medicine has nothing specific to treat viral infections just to treat the symptoms that a viral infection produce and most of those “medicines” supress the inmune system, which is the best defense for any viral infection

Unlike traditional and chemical medicine, nature and natural medicine have several natural products that prevent, fight against, and cure innumerable viral infections.

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